"I started training with Dion as an out-of-shape 14 year old boy. I remember the first day I met him, we talked about why I wanted to start the training and what I hoped to achieve. Dion helped me set goals and now one year later, I am exponentially faster and stronger and he is helping me reach my goal of getting in better shape. Dion's training sessions produce results and his personal training sessions are personal. He has increased the difficulty with each session and he changes them according to my goals. And even though it has been really hard, I have seen results. His personal training sessions are beneficial to my health and have led to a better quality of life for me."

Edward S.
"We love and look forward to our innovative and expert training sessions with Dion. Every session is unique and fun. Dion is exceptionally intuitive and knows when and how to push us each to reach greater levels of athleticism. Dion has inspired us each to a healthier way of living. Our results are testimony alone. We are more energetic, stronger and better defined."
Melody U. and Margo F.

"When I started working with Dion a year ago, my goal was to get faster and stronger for tennis. At that time my national ranking was 93. Today, I’m ranked 11 in the nation in girl’s 16’s and 22 in 18’s. A lot of that is due to the hard work I do with Dion. I am faster and stronger as a result of my year with him, and have had some of my best tennis results ever. Being better prepared on the court physically gives me a lot of confidence going into tough matches and tournaments. Not only is he a great personal trainer that helps me achieve my goals, but I always look forward to my time with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting in better shape for tennis or any other sport."

Cathrine H.

"I signed up for a few personal training sessions with Dion in an effort to get in better shape for my wedding. Four years later, I’m an addict! Personal training, small group training, boot camps and TRX training – I have done it all. Dion has challenged and motivated me mentally and physically, which has led to a more fulfilled, deliberate life outside of the gym. He meets me wherever I find myself, but always encourages and pushes me to the next level. He is the best out there!"


"I have trained with Mary-Marsha for the past two years, and I can honestly say she has transformed my body and taught me to have a passion for healthy living.  I absolutely love working out with Mary-Marsha because she makes every workout fun and very challenging. She not only focuses on improving your physical fitness and reaching your goals, she also takes great care in your mental well-being. Her ‘Whole Body’ approach is second to none.  She does a fantastic job of catering my workouts to my goals and pushing me to my limit. Above all, YOU GET AMAZING RESULTS!!"

Madison Snipes, Miss Collierville 2016 and Miss Memphis 2015

"Mary-Marsha rocks! After Baby #2, I needed a serious fitness jumpstart, so I decided to invest in my health and try something new: consistent personal training. What I love about Mary-Marsha is that I have never dreaded a work out! Each session is efficient and effective, and I've achieved measurable results. She's empowering, a joy to be around, and I feel blessed to have met her. I highly recommend her without hesitation."

Erin Shae